Conformance & Performance lead to Quality Extraordinaire

With a dedicated in-house research and development team, Orson has always introduced innovation in the LPG valve industry. Our design features meet and comply with global standards. This is fulfilled by the use of quality products, state-of-the-art machinery and a skilled team.

High quality raw materials purchased only from international reputed suppliers.

All designs meets the EN and ISO standards.

ISO Certificate 9001-2015, ISO Certificate 14001-2015, ISO Certificate 45001-2018., ISO Certificate 50001-2018.

Our all products are REACH compliant.

Packaging has been done as per customer requirements.


While Orson has always met the diverse needs of the LPG valve industry, we have continuously driven innovation leading us to stay ahead of the market. Backed by years of experience that bring credibility, our products are a result of thorough research and a deep-stated understanding of consumer needs. All of which make us the relied and preferred partner of choice for organisations across the world.

Each and every Orson product is a testament to the highest safety standards

Our in-house R&D team have driven innovative design that is backed by market research which is carried forward by our development team

Adhering to all international standards and compliances is a principle at Orson that has been followed and never compromised with

60 million LPG valves. 25 years of experience – Dependability is our middle name